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Yvarbrims officially launched in September 2022, although the origins of Yvarbrims date back to the early 1990's on the Swedish island of Gotland where this drone story began. Hence the name Yvarbrims, the Gutnish word for drone, translating to the buzz from above. 
Having trouble pronouncing Yvarbrims? No worries, you're not alone.
It is simplest and most closely pronounced: oo-var-brims, but nobody will blame you for not holding the dialect of an old endangered language with merely 1500 speakers left in the world.

The founder of Yvarbrims, Isabelle Nyroth, grew up in an environment of model aircraft and drones that brought her family around the world as the industry grew. Isabelle has served dozens of drone companies globally since 2014 in training, flying, testing, managing, coordinating and procuring drone operations for a wide array of applications. 

Holding nearly a decade of industry experience, Isabelle brings expertise in sUAS operations and specific operations in several international regions. She has worked on multiple BVLOS operations in both multirotor, VTOL, and fixed-wing systems and trained/operated in over a dozen countries. 

Understanding a client needs, goals and finding desirable solutions is the foundation of Yvarbrims purpose. Isabelle's work ethic is based on knowledge, experience and a high degree of integrity. The drone industry is a symphony of organizations with a vast diversity of elements that need to be able to operate in harmony.

Yvarbrims is here to ensure you have the tools to succeed!

Founder Yvarbrims
Flight Operations
Gotland, Sweden
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