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Clear for Take Off - Substack Launch

Launching Words vs Launching Drones

Have you ever stood in front of an unmanned aircraft as it was about to launch and felt intimidated by whether it would fly smoothly and land, or crash?

That would accurately depict my current thoughts on launching words rather than drones. I’ve launched hundreds of drones, and maybe 10 compilations of words into the World. Somehow it seems more likely that my own words will come crashing down on my head than the odds of a drone falling out of the sky.

Nevertheless, for every drone launched into the sky, we learn, we develop, and we improve both personally and technologically for better flights, and I’d like to think the same goes for launching words.

I’ve helped hundreds of people launch their first drone. Some required more “hand holding” than others to let go of their worst-case-scenario fears and dare to fly. Some had no fear at all. The majority of fearless individuals either crashed their drone within 20 seconds or ended up running away from their violently zippy drone chasing them (while still holding the controls), later standing with their tail between their legs holding a handful of broken propellers and a humbled ego. It’s good to be fearless, but not as a rookie in unmanned aviation.

I’m inspired by thought leaders in my field of drones and intertwining industries to join the Substack community as a contributor with my own words and thoughts. Thank you, Catherine Ball, for giving me a positive nudge to jump into new endeavors. Do check out News From the Future her Substack to learn more about the mindblowing solutions of the future in science and technology.

Grab a seat on the runway of Isabelle’s Substack to read more insights, revelations, and personal notions from within the drone industry. You’ll find an array of content from a diversity of reflections, perspectives, deep-dive topics, and experiences from the field.

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Free subscribers can expect a monthly update, whereas paid subscribers will gain access to more frequent posts with in-depth nuggets of content to fuel your interest and insight into drones. You’re either glancing through the brochure or diving into the operations manual. If you’d like to join me on the field, founding members can subscribe for personalized content opportunities and a surprise welcome gift.

Isabelle's Substack is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

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