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Welcome to Yvarbrims

Back in 2017, on a late night whim, I started a drone blog to highlight interesting people, companies, ideas and events in the drone industry. I struggled creating a catchy name for the blog - there are only so many variations of air, sky and drone that can be played into a name (No.... Dronebelle was not going to happen).

The name landed on Yvarbrims.

Why? Because why not, really. It personally ties into where I am from and how I got here. The name Yvarbrims means drone, translating to "the buzz from above" in local Gutnish language. Drones on Gotland in the 1990s are the root of why I am here today. You see, had drones not been tested on Gotland in the 1990s and needed a local talent on the island to help out, my family may have just remained on that island and my life would have looked a lot different today. Or maybe I would have ended up here anyways, just a little less traveled. We will never know.

I did not land into drones on a completely planned road, or know exactly what to do and where to go to build my own career in operations. Believe me when I say there have been plenty of side steps and mistakes along the way. This career has been filled with incredible flights, failures, spontaneous events and adventures,, saying yes and learning along the way, and a lot of what-the-heck-am-I-doing moments.

Usually it has worked out pretty well, often better than well. Though sometimes the outcomes have come at a higher cost to myself than I would have wanted. Part of that may be plain start-up life shenanigans combined with devotion and willpower to succeed, but part of it is also working unsustainably and navigating to find a healthier work/life balance. I have undoubtedly crashed myself more times than I have crashed a drone. Pilot fitness is a huge part of manned aviation, less so for the drone world. I want to make sure the drone industry grows without any personal or material crashes along the way, one safety awareness implementation at a time..

My goal with Yvarbrims is to take my decade of learnings in the field as an operator, project manager, and mission coordinator and transform it into ongoing success for other people's drone endeavors. I have been a drone diplomat between clients, sales, operations and the public for many years, there is a lot of work left to do until the industry functions at its full potential. I still see companies struggle to reach their goals or identify next steps in how to proceed in their services. I want to help this industry succeed, and Yvarbrims is my way of bridging some of the gaps to get there. Oh and Yvarbrims the blog a la 2017, it initially had about 3 or 4 posts. It shot through the internet like a shooting star, burned bright, then nowhere to be found. I found other things to do, and time for writing was not one of them. The Buzz at Yvarbrims is back to share some of my learnings and thoughts from a personal perspective. Cheers to dusting off and relaunching to new heights. / Isabelle

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